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Our Company

Fiba Electric Construction Industry was established in 1993 and in 2003, Fiba Electric has reached a corporate structure with the title of Ltd. Sti. This Company continues its continuity in production, sales, projecting, and application services for Medium Voltage, Rectifier, and Transformer Centers.

Our company has been able to compete in the sector in which it operates, with accurate information transfer, honesty understanding and customer-oriented working strategy. It has adopted the principle of service as the provision of fast and quality products and continues its way with this consciousness and has an innovative company understanding that takes its current position further in its field day by day and shows great seriousness to the company employees being from experienced employees.

More than 27 years of experience and our team, as Fiba Elektrik, we provide production, distributor and export services for our Rectifier, MV cells, dry and oil type transformer, Concrete Kiosk – Sheet Metal Kiosk and LV panels products. With its knowledgeable and expert staff working with the understanding of providing continuous and uninterrupted service to its domestic and foreign customers, it also performs after-sales support services completely.