Compensation Boards

What is Compensation Boards?

In the electrical system, The electric motor, coil, etc, and electrical energy into electrical energy by the effect of magnetization, or the magnetization energy of the device into a different phase flow with the effect of scrolling back (from power by creating inductive) reactive power compensation the inductive and the phase they are created on the network to the position it should be the flow of the withdrawal process COMPENSATION it is called
Compensation is made in two ways
  • Dynamic phase shifters (synchronous motor)
    Synchronous motor, if compensation is made on my site is not being used for any other purpose if it is not economical.
  • Static Phase Shifters (Capacitors)
    Capacitors in reactive power compensation systems are used extensively for economic reasons.
    Capacitors, a static phase shifter. Maintenance costs of the absence of capacitors, and nowadays are used for reactive power compensation since it tends to be economic. In the future, which we’ll discuss compensation issues, compensation of static phase shifter made with capacitors.
Why is Compensation necessary?
Electricity must be transported with the least loss in distribution from the power plant to the smallest buyer. Nowadays, with the development of technology, the widespread use of sensors for different uses causes the need for electrical energy to increase day by day and energy production to become more and more expensive, and indirectly, this situation makes it more compulsory that the electrical energy carried in the network is also high quality, cheap and genuine active energy.
As mentioned in the definition of a compensation network that is connected to a receiver, a motor, a transformer, a fluorescent lamp, the supply of inductive reactive power from the network they are connected to these magnetic fields draws. Just used to having to do the job and inductive reactive power in the motor a magnetic field, transmission lines, transformers, circuit breakers and cables give rise to unnecessary losses.
These losses can be destroyed when engine is undoubtedly the transformers will have a capacity to feed more cables are used in smaller sections can be selected.
In addition to granting the power to the motor with less investment, in terms of tariffs applied, the less electrical energy you will be paid for every month. As can be seen, at first glance, the reactive power from the power plant to the buyer for all transportation seems to be a great economic loss. Typically, energy distribution networks that moved in unnecessary energy, the energy of actively transported 75% and 100% have been determined to be between.
As a result, this reactive energy power plant instead of the capacitor region nearest the engine facilities (static phase shifter) supplied by means of this reactive power from the power plant all the existing facilities up to the engine shall be free from the burden of transportation.
What Happens if Compensation is not performed?
  • Reactive power compensation does not cause power losses in the network,
  • The capacity of the system reduces production and distribution,
  • Moved by the strength of the voltage drop in distribution lines is not bounded, the energy causes a decrease in transport capacity.
Therefore, overload, and voltage drop in order to make the most efficient use of the network of prevention and reactive loads to be compensated at the point they are incurred and must be eliminated.
For this reason, the Board is obliged to establish a compensation subscriber, compassed by the decision of Energy Market Regulatory Authority within specified limits are required to consume electricity. Otherwise, subscribers are obliged to pay a penalty.
Measurement and analysis in compensation
Before compensation can be made, the system first overhaul, the characteristics of the loads on the system must be known. Lack of knowledge of the measurements of the system of compensation may cause you to be completely incorrect.
Nowadays, most of the small systems single-phase load is composed of the different characteristics of these loads may be in. For example, the viewing system for an electrician, someone 4 amps, other amps or 5 amps for each phase value of the other 3 has not received CosÆ if the system does not calculate reactive power. Æ because of changes in the angle, reactive and active power to change the values of the causes.
Because of current, voltage, and apparent power ratio. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the amount of reactive power taken to provide the correct compensation. If you’ve got loads of funny if, just measure the current and the estimated value exited with scientific cosæ when you finally would have made the error. As is known, compensation can be provided in two ways
  • Invariant reactive loads provide, the active energy consumption
  • Preventing reactive energy consumption in a certain amount of active energy consumed,
We need to do a certain amount of consumed active energy, reactive energy consumption should avoid. Because active energy reactive to reduce the rate of expenditure from paying the penalty will be no different. The energy you need the important thing has to be accounted for, while also spent the balance of reactive power must be maintained.
Electronic meter boxes, electrical counter, the counting operation of the counter and take measurement values from the chip integrated microprocessor, which keeps in memory and functioning facility. Electronic counter of the microprocessor in the software, independently of each other, the measured values from each phase active, inductive, and capacitive processes to counter. This situation, in other words, the more one is inductive the other is Capacitive at the same time if the difference between these two phases does not take reactive power. These two-phase are processed independently at the counter. Appraising a more independent, unbalanced load compensation capacitor between the RST triple system made by taking the resultant in terms of even modest compensation, electronic counter each of both inductive and capacitive on the other hand can write. For this reason, a reactive power control relay to choose is becoming much more important.
In the analysis of the electronic counting system, only to look at the imbalance of reactive power between phases it may not be enough! First of all, three-phase and single-phase loads should be taken by putting the measurements themselves. Three-phase loads three-phase capacitors can be installed to compensate with. Single-phase and three-phase load evenly distributed if they’re trying on concurrent, three-phase capacitors can be installed to compensate with a threesome. The real problem is that the single-phase load-weighted capacitors and Power Factor Correction systems with unbalanced reactive forces between the phases begins when the threesome try to do. Learn how to do this, please read it carefully. The capacitors will meet the needs of phases that need to be considered here is more about who to connect to.
For this, we use the relay in which there is a need for more if it gets into the system the required amount of capacitors in the corresponding phase. More compensation removes it from the system.
It should be noted that the system is non-optimal solutions, is definitely getting to your conclusion. Best results, Best is obtained from the analyzed system.
Reactive Relay The Importance of Choosing
Reactive relay selection done wrong as a result of compensation at many firms could not be fully achieved, naturally not spend energy to be consumed efficiently, and for this reason, businesses, are faced with criminal bills.
To prevent such unwanted situations, of course, it is. The right use of the right system for reactive power control relays, which prevents the loss of both your business and also contributes to the country’s economy.
When selecting a reactive power control relay, the relay has features to cater for.
  • Detecting the amount of power drawn from the system at a suitable value capacitor in the circuit should be able to take out itself.
  • Automatic fault voltage and current connections should be able to fix
  • Single-phase and three-phase capacitors with to be able to use
  • To be able to control each phase separately.
  • The automated capacitor that can detect the forces
  • To be able to determine the levels of defective and empty the capacitor.
  • The system needs to be able to take out the capacitors in the circuit at a time
  • To be able to revise target based on the measured energy value of cos.
  • Obtaining the capacitor discharge time must include the ability to release and manually adjustable.
Filter Application
Of capacitors is used in networks where harmonics may be caused by.
They pull more current harmonics of capacitors and tear causes.
Under certain conditions, the currents of the capacitor can withstand. However, it is unacceptable in situations where the use of a filter of harmonics is mandatory.
The filter capacitor should be selected for which type of application?
AS capacitors manufactured with film technology more resistant to excessive currents are defined as all vostfr. Insured higher and losing capacity due to the structure of the ladder compared to metallized film capacitors the possibility of falling into resonance. Metallized film type capacitors tune the filter for the change in capacity will change the point it was scanned at intervals infinite. Filters that are used in the reactor at the time when the Rated voltage of capacitors is engaged with should be selected by considering the voltage rise at the ends.
The Importance of Capacitor Contactor
The high current circuit switches the capacitor into the circuit at the time of receipt. The violence of this movement
other than a capacitor, which is activated depends on whether the Working Groups. Circulating currents of capacitors during gradual commissioning passes. If the capacitor is selected in accordance, their lifespan is short.
NOTE: Specially developed for the use of the compensation capacitor and a contactor in the Board;alt will prolong the life of the device.
Fast discharge what is it? What does it do?
Capacitors discharge resistors in the capacitor after leaving the circuit, the remaining voltage drops under 60 volts on s within 50. This application applies to the safety of the person in contact with the terminals. Fast heat is removed from the circuit to discharge the capacitor of the group after the remaining voltage on again during commissioning ensures that it is sufficiently low. Commissioning reverse voltage on the capacitors comes over and again you’re experiencing Alterna will cause damage instantly. The fast discharge resistor for the capacitor via the auxiliary contacts of the contactor is connected. Contactor drawn(when the capacitor is connected with capacitors in the circuit resistance. When the contractor is released (capacitors)resistors and a capacitor is connected in parallel to the ends of disabled rapid discharge takes place. Ideal for a fast discharge time of 12 s.Note that the resistance of the capacitor, for the safety of the goods fast discharge resistors for safety. Boards and compensation capacitor to discharge made fast; alt prolongs the life of the device.