Concrete Pavilion


M-block series MV-NETWORK compact monoblock concrete transformer and distributioncenters.

M-block concrete series mansions medium until 36kv also voltage and low voltagedesigned for training systems relevant specifications and standards produced by safe, aesthetic appearance and different colors upon request with options for environmentally compatible products.

Areas of application:

• Substation
• Distribution Centers
• Generator Centres
• Low voltage and compensation panels
• UPS applications
• Wind Farms
• Hydroelectric Power Plants
• Organized Industrial Zones


M-Series standard concrete BLOCK centers mentioned below,specification and complies with regulations.
• En 61330 standard
• Related tedas specification
• A Strong Current Of Electricity, Regulation Of Facilities
• Earthing In Electrical Installations Regulations

Advantages Of The System

• Approved business security medical tests
• Internal Arc resistance tests of the cell and the MV network section in the dashboard,
• The dashboard section of the network transformer and the heating test,
• Roof, wall and mechanical endurance tests on doors,
• Minimum space requirements
• Brought on by mass production short delivery time,
• A flexible production structure with unlimited measurements
• Long life, durability and corrosion to external factors,
• Unlimited color options and an optional surface and roofing applications with maximum environmental integration
• Easy installation, with minimal preparation and construction works,
• Minimum installation and maintenance costs,
• Use of materials in accordance with standards,
• MV-LV switchgear and flexibility in the choice of plenty of choices,
• Fast commissioning,
• The property of being portable.
The Structural Features Of.

M-block concrete pavilions is composed of three parts. This sections;
• Roof
• Body
• Doors and ventilation panels


• At least 2500 n /m2 load and are manufactured to be resistant to.
• According to TS 500 has been identified as concrete quality B35.
• And for the accumulation of rain and snow to flow easily, as having an appropriate inclination are produced.
• Mounted on the body in the way that can be removed when needed.
• The standard protection class is IP23, and optional applications can be made.Body

• M-block series monoblock concrete structure the walls and floor centre
• Wall Thickness 10 cm
According to TS 500 has been identified as concrete quality B35. Exterior 4 storeys (primer, protective paste, colorful surface coating and finishing ) a silicone-based exterior paint with painted in colour RAL 7032.(But optionally available in different colors.)
Interior walls plastic paint is applied.
• Considering that the operating conditions may be most adverse during production, pressure, humidity, vibration parameters such as seismic activity are calculated.
• Transport on all four corners for ease of handling chutes opened
• The standard protection class is IP23, and optional applications can be made.















Doors and ventilation panels

• Doors and ventilation panels of galvanized sheet steel produced by welding methods ready and unused polyester-based electrostatic powder paint.
• Doors, make work easier and at least 120 in the open position is mounted in a manner that will stay.
• In the OFF position the doors inside and outside is resistant to mechanical strain corresponding to 20 Joule.
• According to the project, The number of doors to secure doors and ventilation panels equipped with a lock system can be changed optionally.
• The standard protection class is IP23, and optional applications can be made.
• Equipped with mesh ventilation panels of small objects by using wire is prevented from entering into the pavilion.
MV-network-mounted transformers and to the center of cells when you are prompted and commissioning can be delivered in ready for concrete.
Appropriate to the enterprise from the outside or from the inside the type of manufactured.
The cabin is not sufficient to only in cases where more than one cabin with a function of the needs of the project are solved.
Grounding System

Cells MMM, doors, ventilation panels, and all other metal parts connected to the bus are assembly units balancing.
Interior lighting and DC supply

The entire interior lighting of the substation pane monoblock 220V AC, 250 lux level to be manufactured.
In the event of failure of the AC supply emergency lighting fixtures intervened, and interior lighting.
Protection, Control and measurement systems required voltage of 24 VDC, maintenance-free battery is provided with a group of rectifier. 110 volt systems, a different battery rectifier is used.

Setup Details

The parts that will be closed with the Black insulation under the soil pavilions, given by us during the order process
prepared based on the basic ground should be placed on the detail drawings. The height of the doors, should be placed at least 10cm. Mansions and will be removed and given back to us for delivery to users when downloading from the apparatus, placed into the transport grooves, without damaging the lifting and lowering operation of the mansion will be made. During the transportation phase of the mansion, the kiosk of the weight of proper handling equipment should be used.