Dry Type Transformer

While HV windings are covered with epoxy cast resin under vacuum; LV windings are transformers that can be made both cast resin and prepreg.
They are produced in 160-15000 kVA power range, up to 36 kV voltage level, with natural air cooled (AN) or fan-cooled (AF) option. (By using the cooling fan, up to 50% power increase is provided)


Why Dry Type Transformers?


The epoxy resin cast under vacuum prevents moisture from entering the YG-AG windings and provides protection against harsh and harsh environments. Therefore, it can work easily in humid and concentrated areas. In case of being out of service for a long time, it does not need to be dried before being put into operation.
Due to the non-flammable and self-extinguishing feature of the epoxy cast resin coated on the windings, there is no risk of leakage that may cause fire hazards and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is safe and environmentally friendly.
Dry Type transformer has the advantage of less space occupation and less construction work because of its smaller size compared to oil type transformers.
Provides longer transformer life with lower thermal and dialectic ageing effect compared to oil type transformers.
It is more useful with its high resistance against short circuits and high capacity that supports overload.
Easy to install and install, does not require frequent maintenance.


According to IEC 60076-11 ;
  • Climatic C1/C2
  • Environment E2
  • Fire F1 standards are provided.


Product Types and Uses


1. Type distribution transformers (kVA 160-3150)
2. Single-phase single-phase transformers
3. Power transformers (kVA 4000-15000)
4. OLTC on-load tap-changing transformer
5. Rectifier transformers rectifier
6. Water and air-cooled transformers(Submarine, marine, and oil drilling platforms)
7. Windpower wind turbine transformers
8. Subways, tunnels, mines, airports, malls, schools, hospitals, skyscraper buildings inhabited by minimizing the risk of combustion and explosion in environments where a lot of people like.
9. Optional IP20, IP23, IP33 protection class according to cell type, internal and external (chassis) can be produced.