Hermetic Transformers


25 -2500 kVA up to 36 kV high voltage level in the power range up to three or single-phase, oily, of course, cooled(Onan), idle tap-changer or with load, automatic tap changer, in a way that can be used in both external and internal are produced.

Hermetic transformers factory by adjusting the pressure in the environment is fabricated so that it does not contact with the atmosphere.
In hermetic transformers oil thermal effects due to changing the scale of the wall pressure boiler light colour in the wave-contraction are controlled by and are designed to withstand these effects.
Special vacuum oil filling the expansion tank to the boiler to the air gap so that the process remains in the Chamber is performed. Therefore, the distortion resulting from oil oxidation because there is moisture inside the boiler is reduced to zero.
Expansion tank hermetic transformer transformers are lower compared to the heights. Therefore it can be used in a small area.
Since oil does not come into contact with the atmosphere in hermetic transformers, there is no oil change in certain periods as in transformers with an expansion tank. It does not require maintenance other than cleaning of YG and AG bushings.


Has no expansion tank, the boiler is filled completely with oil.

Hermetic type transformers were closed to the atmosphere making hermetic pressure setting in a factory environment.

The wavy elastic and thermal effects due to the expansion of the oil is controlled with boiler design. Forwarding to the outside walls and the heatwave, and with the movement of expansion and contraction, which expands to absorb additional oil, and serve.

Transformer oil does not interact with the environment because there is no oxygen in the air. Therefore, depending on the oxidation-oil ageing is not. With air, transformer oil is not moisture it is not making contact. Therefore, expansion tanks, hermetic type transformers are longer than the ones.

Hermetic transformers do not need maintenance and cleanliness of the bushing beyond the control of the protection devices.

There is the possibility of mounting in small spaces and is lower in height. For compact transformer stations is advantageous. The cable of the expansion tank and links Bar, Safety distances in terms of the adverse effects in hermetic transformers is out of the question.

Areas Of Use

  • Distribution Centers
  • OG/NETWORK substations
  • Factories
  • Construction sites
  • Local distribution centers(direct or transformer Pavilion)
  • Irrigation projects
  • Organized industrial zones
  • Power plants