Metal Clad Cell

Metal clad Cells consisting of 3 main parts separated by a grounded metal plate and 1 auxiliary, which is switching element of withdrawable type medium-voltage switchgear system.

fields of application

Energy production and distribution facilities

  • transformer stations
  • mine
  • cement and petrochemical Factories
  • iron and steel enterprises
  • pump stations
  • airports, ports, railways
  • shopping
  • Hospitals


  • high ability to withstand current and short circuit (31,5 Ka /3 seconds)
  • compact design with less space requirement (width 1200mm 36kv cell)
  • fully isolated system and all grounded metal compartments are separated from each or.
  • protection and breaker control board with various types and specifications to be able to use property.
  • easy withdrawable type switching devices between panels re is possibility of change.


  • but door can be opened when breaker is in test position cutter
  • circuit breaker to service position cannot be taken from fixed to panels
  • low voltage control cable cutter tting gate can be closed.
  • door has been closed breaker to service position unless breaker can not be taken.
  • circuit breaker without opening earth blade cannot be imported.
  • if breaker is in service, soil, blade can be closed.


  • cutter test and just in service position can be controlled.
  • rear door of input cell, energy from previous Station can not be opened without cutting.
  • rear gate of cell output, circuit breaker position can not be opened without taking test.
  • if breaker is in service, soil, blade can be closed.
  • knife can be closed without cutting energy from previous Station soil input cell.


  • pressure relief caps in back of A-FL, a top-FLR and IAC class.
  • all maneuvers can be done while enclosure door is closed.
  • has been removed possibility of maneuvering wrong with mechanical and electrical interlocks.
  • fully isolated system partitioning, PM, dir, and class.
  • equipped with short-circuit earthing switch, which can close 5 E2 class.

bar section

between panels enables transmission of energy, high-current and short-circuit conductors which can withstand, and Board insulator epoxy insulators and conductors bearing that secures metal part of hive. Access to bar SECTION, when necessary, by removal of metal from cutting section casing and front plate can be done without removing curtains. In transition between panels to bar, bar can easily merge to clipboard by using apparatus in both directions of expansion are held in place

Department of CUTTER

Medium voltage switching elements (SF 6 or vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors) withdrawable type with carrier and ir car, curtains that separates metal portions of cutter bar and LSC2B/ PM (practical Metal) is a section. In accordance with request, voltage transformers and mV fuses can be placed on car. Breakers with same current value used in cubicles can be changed in a simple manner in terms of sustainability and energy fast. Do not force cutter so that movement of car in service position and test position of hive secure closing curtain system is designed as a motion paving way. Circuit breaker, spring soil with bus, always main earthing contact. knife lock movement of soil thanks to soil in service position, blade can be closed. Socket and low voltage plug system information on status of breaker are carried to panel. Within panel breakers IEC62271-100 and IEC62271-200 has been tested in accordance with standard.

Department of control and low voltage control

According to request all kinds of protection relays, control devices and measuring instruments, which is equipped with Section. An internal malfunction within dashboard that will occur in a grounded metal box to prevent damage to personnel and materials. Control and monitoring materials designed at a height that can be easily controlled. cables between panels (auxiliary contacts and interlocks) connections are easily made. Low voltage circuit breaker door or cover, and are located in dashboard mimics flow is easy to understand.

Cable length

Different types of current, voltage transformers, epoxy case isolators with department that provides transition breaker, soil knife, parafudr, capacitive isolator is a section that contains materials like salt. In case of change of instrument transformers, assembly can be driven with a sliding structure is fast and easy. Cables are fixed to floor panels. Necessary mechanical and electrical interlocks made/resolved if you have cable access section of building considering size and ease of user, is designed so that it can be accessed from front and rear. This security is IEC62271-200 standard specified in IAC:IAC a FLR and a type of FL is approved.