Metal Enclosed Cell

Metal Enclosed Cell, Up to 36 kV Secondary Distribution Systems, compact kiosk type substations, buildings and industrial plants, medium-voltage switchgear devices that have been designed to use in internal areas. The centre of all functional units that may be required in side-by-side can be easily established. Routine medical tests in the factory and all production has been completed safely using cells made in a very short time it can be activated in a practical way.

Busbars are air-insulated and SF6 gas separation and cutting operations performed in an environment. In this way, by providing a secure separation and cutting a minimum of measurements were taken. kiosk type substations are used easily and safely with its compact dimensions of the modular cells.

modular cells consist of 4 main sections. Metal is divided into compartments from each other, with the body;

1.Cable connection and switching section
2.The bar section
3.Part of the operating mechanism
4.Low voltage section


A link at the bottom of the separator grounding terminal connected to the network cables. In this section, the load cell as a switching element according to the type of breaker, disconnector, circuit breakers and grounding is close to the breaker. The insured transmission mechanism in asexual reproduction fuses and breaker mV load is close to the strike pin.

Epoxy resin separator or separator in the body, load bar and cable connection section entirely devoted part of the hair from splitting. This section is 240 mm in single-core cables can be connected easily.
Sleeves and cuffs of the cables so that cable entrances can stand upright in the cell. To access this section, grounding the breaker must be closed.


The modular connection is established between the cells when the side of the cells by side to the bar is made with 3 bars in the appropriate sections. Access to the top cover of the cell is provided by the bar section.


In this section, the load breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker and grounding of the elements of the drive mechanism include. Optionally, this separator setting up the bow section, engine, and the breaker can be mounted on a safety mechanism according to the state soil per line.


In this section, terminal blocks, NETWORK fuses, thermostat, measuring instruments and protection relays include. Cell energy (busbars and cable) while the NETWORK can be done on the dashboard.

Basic Locking Systems

Load breaker when the breaker is open and ground when the door is closed only the cell can be closed.
The groundbreaker, the breaker can be closed when the load is open.
The cell door, the groundbreaker in the closed position can be opened.
The load breaker can be closed when cell door is open.
Optionally, the input cell that is connected to the earth’s energy in the cable when it is off the lock can be placed. In this way, the cable is energized while the closure of the 3-phase ground short circuit is prevented.

Secondary Cells;

The separator and the separator (dubbing in a cell) just can be opened while the breaker is in the open position.
Separator or breaker can be locked in the open position.
Soil separator, however, the differential can be closed while it is open.
The cell door is open closed when breaker and disconnector.
The cell door only: Breaker closed breaker is locked in the open position if the separator is on and if the ground can be opened.


HMH Series Modular cells completely functionality has been designed in consideration of appearance and safety elements. Cell carcasses are manufactured from 2mm hot dipped galvanized steel to the highest standards and used the 275gr/m2 zinc coating thickness even in the most humid environments subjected to any deformation.
The cells that are being used in all parts of epoxy resin ( bearing insulators and a capacitive load of the separator body, etc.) within the main plant are produced in our factory and each product of epoxy resin before entering the assembly line are subjected to the relevant tests.


Two different types of cells, the current transformer is used;

  • Toroid type current transformer
  • Cast resin type current transformer

DIGITAL Protection and Control Relays

cells a wide variety of medical protection, measurement and control capabilities of relays are used. In consideration of customer and project requirements are shipped with factory-set the desired values in selected relays. Commonly used over-current relays toroidal current transformer Ulusoy and soil protection functions that ensure it is fully compatible with, and in accordance with customer demand relays from different manufacturers can be used also in our cells.

Malfunction Indicator Mechanism

Devices that show phase and earth fault, which are supplied from various manufacturers and can be installed in the Control panel or in a Concrete kiosk, are offered as an optionally with our cubicles.


Our cells, ammeter, voltmeter, meter, energy Analyzer, measuring instruments, such as the choice of the customer and still is done in accordance with project requirements.


High breaking capacity mV fuses are selected according to the transformer used to power our cells.

Remote Control

It is possible to perform the operation on the cell remotely up to 5 meters, With the remote control offered as standard in the cubicles.


The cells that are being used in connection with each other are manufactured from high conductivity aluminum or copper busbars with insulated pipes and heat-shrink capacity.