LV Panels

Panels, control centers and electrical energy distribution facilities. With the development of technology increases the types of materials that are used in dashboards improved functionality, although the work they do has always remained the same basically. Nowadays, analog control and protection equipment of electrical panels used in digital systems from the structure is directed towards. The Board of these developments and the preservation of sensitive materials feeding systems have led to the production of more human life.


Building Materials

Skeletons of profile or angle iron, with rounded corners of at least the portion of the hair are made from 2 mm thick DKP sheet metal. AG Panel interior, exterior and skeleton are painted with one layer of red lead (anti-rust) paint and then painted with two layers of baked matte spray paint.


Panels, they are manufactured in 60-80-90 cm Depth 75 cm Height 210 cm according to need. Iron 40x40x4 mm angle iron or a similar Profile is used for the skeleton. DKP sheet metal thickness of at least 2 mm should be used in dashboards. Network clipboard and mechanical impact on the hair that will make the switch if the control element is to be placed 3 mm thickness of the hair it’s better to be selected. Dashboard, a concrete pedestal with a height of 10 cm and is held on flat ground is connected to the pedestal. The network Dashboard, placed on the edge of the wall by leaving a 75 cm wide passage behind. One network behind the dashboard on either side of the walkway should be made of the door to be locked resealable. This top sheet from the lower part of the door, a height of 100 cm with a diameter of 3 mm steel wire, woven as a protective cage is made up of intervals of 30 mm.


LV distribution boards up to 1600 kVA are as standard manufactured in accordance with TS 3367 and IEC 439. Distribution boards, distribution tables of a property that receives the energy of a workshop or the main unit. In this regard, the electrical energy distribution boards of all of the plant or in the workshop keeps it under control. You cut when you need the energy of any departmental distribution table distribution this process can be performed in a short time by closing the switch on the Board. All the energy of the unit in a dangerous situation it is possible to cut out of here. Also, it is possible to read out information on the current and voltage measurement tools.

Network clipboard Materials

NETWORK the dashboard materials are:

  1. Busbars, 99% are made from pure electrolytic copper.
  2. Switches
    • Load breaker (main switch): distribution of the main part of the panels is connected to inputs of energy and tends to control the entire system.
    • Moulded case circuit breakers: a network input and output is used as the switch in the panel.
  3. Current transformers: the flow through the primaries, the conversion ratio, depending on the secondary from the transformers that are used for measurement purposes.
  4. Bearing Isolators: bearing isolators used in dashboards, the dashboard is insulated on the body of them as money network benefits.
  5. The need for the clipboard, internal socket, Lamp and insurance: socket connection to distribution boards and single-phase lighting lamp if desired may be instituted.

Safety and security measures

  1. The naked should be protected against accidental contact voltage carrying parts on the mainboard.
  2. Voltage-carrying parts in the enclosure have been taken under the border between the parts of the room naked with a distance of at least 1 meter. The naked part if the place is available Dec on each side should be the width of 2 feet.
  3. To a gate of at least, 90 cm in front of the panel should be left blank.
  4. On the dashboard danger of death,” signs should be hung.
  5. The power of the clipboard, all non-metal must be grounded in the evenings.
  6. The floor should be covered with PVC of the service passage behind the dashboard.
  7. Always lock the cage should be kept locked to prevent unauthorized interference of the clipboard.