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Our company was established in 1993 and updated in 2003. LTD. The title has reached a corporate structure. In the meantime, in 2012 Fiba electrical construction industry trade. Ltd. Ltd. maintains continuity in services.

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Mansions all hair are manufactured using galvanized sheet metal. Using the sandwich panel according to the customer request can be done in isolation. Especially in SMK RMU substation Lu s because it provides a great advantage in size and weight is preferable.To obtain more information. »

Modular Cell

Busbars are air insulated and SF6 gas separation and cutting operations performed in an environment. In this way, by providing a secure separation and cutting a minimum of measurements were taken.To obtain more information. »


Made of cast epoxy resin under vacuum, HV-LV windings prevents moisture from entering,challenging and provides protection against harsh environments. So damp and condensation in areas of work with ease.To obtain more information. »

LV-mV Equipment

Panels, control centers and electrical energy distribution facilities. With the development of technology increases the types of materials that are used in dashboards improved functionality, although the work they do has always remained the same basically.To obtain more information. »


All current products and services for the energy industry, in the production of launch and the sale, known in the preferred first, and most common is to become the leading platform. 20 years of experience, specialized, knowledgeable staff, quality of product and service with pioneering designs in the field to become one of the brands are known and preferred.


Electricity Is One Of The Best Companies In The Industry, Fiba


We are one of the best companies in the industry. The reason for this is that we develop ourselves…

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The Services In The Summer Season Is Going Extremely Well


Every year, every season, like this year’s summer season in our services is extremely good.

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Most Electricity In The FIBA Professional Services


We are ambitious in the sector. In our company the most professional services in the industry.

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